About CollegeDoors

The journey of CollegeDoors began with the coming together of a few of us IIT and IIM graduates who felt very strongly about the quality of education and preparation imparted to aspirants of top engineering and medical colleges of India. Our shared belief was that the efforts put in by teachers and students needed to be supported with quality content, technology and operational excellence to be able to drive success. We decided to apply our education, experience and insights to making a difference.

Today, at CollegeDoors, the same passion for enabling success for teachers and students alike drives our focus on whatever we do - from the highest quality of questions and intuitive technology- enabled tools to personalized service. We believe that teachers need to be free from operational activities like collating questions, lengthy paper setting and time-consuming paper corrections for them to focus on core teaching. Whether in a physical classroom or a virtual environment, we provide the tools that make the lives of teachers more comfortable and the learning of students better.

We are continually evolving by listening to our clients and partners to improve our offerings and adding new capabilities. Our ethos is one of collaborative partnership, where we can create a groundswell of educational excellence across the country. Our ambition is to be able to leverage the knowledge of teachers and give wings to the aspirations of students even in the smallest of towns.

Let us help you build your success story.